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  • October 01, 2016
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    • Our Mission

      To organize federal employees to work together to ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect

      WHAT is a UNION?

      • A group of employees who speak as a group and advocate for the interests of the group, rather than individuals attempting to advocate for themselves, and by themselves
      • This is the model of society -- we live in groups and none of us does everything it takes to live on an individual basis, but we make decisions as a group, we rely on others to make decisions for us, and we rely on others to provide for what we need -- we collectively agree that representatives will manage our roads, schools, police & fire protection, etc., and make adjustments accordingly, giving consideration to our opinions, of course

      There is STRENGTH in UNITY -- what does that mean?

      • The effect of an employer hearing concerns and interests of a group of employees, standing together, as opposed to just one or even a small handful of employees, which are not much to contend with
      • The same is true when Union membership is low -- the employer can see that the group is not united and standing together, and therefore has little power
      • Think of it this way: the power of one voice in the middle of a large stadium -- versus the power of the collective voices of everyone in the stadium -- which one is easier to ignore?

      Is it all about being ADVERSARIAL?

      • No -- more often than not, the interests of the Union and the employer can be combined for a win-win outcome.  We all share the same goals -- it's in everyone's interest to work together to reach these goals
      • But when problems arise, we have a process for resolving them

      YOU are the UNION

      • Members are the centerpiece -- the heart -- the guts of a Union
      • You bring your concerns, problems, questions, interests, and ideas to Stewards, who serve as your point-of-contact -- and the Steward provides information and answers, and takes action where appropriate
      • Sure, you can sit around griping about the Union -- or you can get involved in shaping your Union -- what it is, and what it does 

      WHY should you be a dues-paying MEMBER?

      • Only members nominate and vote in Union elections -- for officers, and to approve the Contract
        • The next election for officers is in 2016
        • The current Contract will automatically renew in June 2018 -- but around that time, Articles in the Contract may be amended, reopened, added to, modified, or terminated
          •  This may include member involvement in telephonic meetings to discuss the issues
      • Members participate in Contract negotiation
        • The Union surveys members for input and opinions
        • In 2016, at least one of the Contract Articles will be reopened -- renegotiated -- and up to FIVE Articles will be reopened in the next year or two
      • Members affect the Union's agenda and decision-making
      • You send a message to the employer that we stand together
      • The Union keeps members informed -- and information is power
      • We all benefit from the Union's work -- it's only right that we should all contribute to these efforts

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